IEC has been representing schools, colleges and universities since its inception in 1983. Australian education system enables students with SPM 5 credits to enter into the Foundation (Pre-University studies) for 1 year prior to commencing their Undergraduate (ie, Bachelors degree) in their chosen field. Postgraduate (ie. Masters degrees) and above are typically 2yrs or more and can be applied for upon successfully completing their Bachelors.

High Schools in Australia are also popular and students will need to show 2 years of academic results to enter Year 7 – Year 12 of Australian High School system. For those who prefer a non-academic route, the Skills colleges, better known as polytechnics or TAFEs are popular and prepare students well for their trades and careers in the skills area such as culinary, automotive engineering, audio engineering etc.

Below are the list of schools represented by IEC categorised by Australian States they are located in. If there is a school you are interested in but not listed, please feel free to contact IEC directly for more info: 088 212 939 or email







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