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IEC is a Centre of English Language & Further Studies Consultancy, offering English for all ages, Study Abroad & Malaysia services, Speech & Drama and Baby Ballet classes.

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The IEC Journey

IEC has been teaching and engaging with children and youths since 1981. 40years on, IEC has progressed and evolved to expand the IEC experience for your child to be equipped and prepared for each phase of life.

Ages 18 months - 6 years

Iec baby ballet for 2-6yrs is a great start to ensure the growth and development of gross motor skills, rhythm, coordination & imagination!

Open to boys and girls 18mths onwards! Each class is set to great music, nursery rhymes and colourful props to stimulate their learning minds and bodies.

Ages 4 - 12 years

IEC English Courses for primary levels are taught by our international teachers and are a necessary foundation to establish English language fundamentals in the 4 skills of reading, writing, listening & speaking.

IEC Speech & Drama and Jazz & Musical Theatre dance will enhance their creativity and growth in exercising all parts of their right and left brains as they develop and explore movement, speech and expressions.

Ages 12 - 17 years

Our English Weekly Courses for teenagers evolve into more than just language learning. Now the students are encouraged to discover their unique voice and improve their public speaking, communication and creative writing skills.

  • Public Speaking & Presentation
  • Communication & Leadership
  • Creative Writing & English proficiency

Ages 14 - 17 years

THE JOHN MAXWELL TEAM @ coachjasmineleong

  • YouthMAX Conference
  • Life & career coaching
  • Intensive University Preparation Course


IEC’s YouthMax – an annual youth conference addressing issues of self-image, personal character and leadership, certified by the John Maxwell team. Youths will also have the opportunity to enrol in our career coaching and leadership development courses as well as our 10-week intensive University prep course.

Ages 17 - 21 years

We represent high schools, colleges and universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Singapore and within Malaysia since 1981.

IEC Study Abroad arm represents Universities around the world and you can book a 1:1 counselling session with IEC counsellors for your tertiary education options.


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