IEC Hearts for Arts Foundation

IEC Hearts for Arts Foundation
Clement Liew: Librarian of SK Moyog
Linda Daisy Ginanjan Moe receives books and Library Guidelines from Clement


United World College (E campus) and Tanglin Trust School, Singapore, managed to send a healthy consignment of Primary books in 96 boxes to Sabah. Many thanks go to Barbara Reid and Janine Murphy, as this was a difficult time of adjusting to the constraints caused by the pandemic. These boxes are now with the Pearl Rotary Club, waiting for the commencement of their Book Corner Programme. Book Reach is happy and privileged to be a part of this English language promotion project. Details of the programme content will be in our next report.

29 boxes came to Book Reach from Nexus International School and Alice Smith School, KL. Thank you to Matthew Scott and Alison Lyford for boxing their discarded books at this difficult time. This consignment, arriving at the end of the year, was received gratefully by SK Moyog and SK Kipovo. Both school libraries had received a modest collection three years ago and so now their libraries are well stocked and ready to go, as soon as the pandemic allows.

As Malaysia has been one of the worst countries to suffer from lost school days, we hope that books arriving from our generous donor schools will help to fire up renewed enthusiasm for reading that may have been lost.

Doreen with Bernard Chang

Within the last twelve months Book Reach has been waiting for our donor schools to refind their schedules to disperse their discarded stock of library books. Although some of the International schools have found other channels for these books e.g orphanages – over this difficult time, we are assured that our partnership will continue and in Sabah more schools will become beneficiaries. Bernard Chang, our reliable freight agent in Kuala Lumpur, has told us that freight from Kuala Lumpur to Sabah will continue to be hassle-free.

Doreen will be leaving Malaysia at the end of 2021, but it is with great pleasure that Book Reach is able to announce that Jasmine Leong of IEC has agreed to continue the invaluable work of increasing the quality and effectiveness of school libraries in Sabah.

BookReach Activities 2022

BookReach 2022 still managed to do its part and made many school children at SK Moyog and neighbouring schools delighted with quality english books this season!

Teacher Clement picked up the 11 boxes from IEC and finally managed to unpack them this week Jan’23!

Special thanks to donor schools UWC SEA East Primary School, Singapore & Taylor’s International School, Puchong for the amazing books! We have sent Doreen, founder of Book Reach the photos as well and she continues to be a big part of Book Reach keeping in touch from afar and ensuring the connection with donor schools still remain.

If you have great books to donate, please get in touch with our CEO and Principal Ms Jasmine

BookReach Activities 2023

IEC-BookReach book donations continued this 2023 with generous boxes of books of up to 35 from Tanglin Trust School, Singapore Junior Library and Dulwich College, Singapore Junior Library.

The books were distributed to the following rural school libraries:

SK Bahang

SK Bahang- for the first time we were connected to this school through Teacher Clement and were able to provide new english storybooks for their small library. We hope to continue this next year.

SK Moyog

SK Moyog – special thanks to passionate Teacher Clement Liew for picking up the books and creating the launch ceremony with his kids! See below pics and videos of the new books launch with the kids and teachers pouring over the new books donated!

Teacher Clement will also be donating overflow of dictionaries to neighbouring schools SK Bahang and SK Bukit Hill! Thank you!

SK Bukit Hill

Another first-time receiver of Book Reach books is one of the smallest libraries we have encountered. Though they do not have a proper space, the teacher librarian gladly accepted 2 boxes to inspire and excite her students. We are hoping to raise some funds to build them a proper shed for their school library in the near future!

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Rotary Club of KK Pearl’s REAL Project

Books collected for Project REAL – Rotary Club of Pearl KK’s English library corner project.

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