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With over 35 years of tried and tested methods and materials, our English courses consists of the 4 learning components which are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, incorporated through drama, song, games and stories, taught by our native speaking teachers form Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

We not only strive to improve our students’ English language skills but prepare them for tertiary education in the English medium. Each student in the final year of secondary school will be given a one on one counselling session on their further studies options in the English medium by our education counsellors.

At IEC, each class holds a small number of students (a maximum of 20 students) to help facilitate individual learning and attention. We ensure that our students are provided the most effective learning experiences so that they may achieve their optimum potentials within and beyond the classrooms.

Further Studies

Since 1981, we have been working to ensure that every student gets the right service and information before furthering their studies. Many students have come through our doors and are now successful citizens of the world making a difference wherever they are.

Whether you are fresh out of high school, a graduate looking to do a Masters or a parent looking for the best study options for your child, we are here to serve you. Our services are completely FREE of charge and we aim to serve with integrity, commitment and excellence.

Our Vision

Education Service Excellence

Our Mission

To provide an environment that nurtures the creative mind to grow, expand and develop so that each child is equipped and prepared to enter their next phase of life.

Core Values


We aim to provide the best English Language learning opportunity and up to date Further Studies options available


We aim to equip students for their future undertakings & be the best versions of themselves.


We commit to provide opportunity for students to grow in confidence, competence and character.

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