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The UK has always been a popular study destination for Malaysian students due to its quality, beautiful settings and professional recognition in majority of the courses offered. The similarity in the education system also draws students to the UK for obvious reasons. Students have a choice to enter the Foundation, A-levels or the IB programme upon achieving SPM 5 credits (forecasted results are acceptable) for the Jan / May* or Sept’ intakes.

IEC first began representing UK colleges and universities when the British Council approached IEC CEO Casey Leong in 1983 to be the first agent for UK universities in KK. IEC became one of the pioneers in further studies in the UK for Malaysian students, even starting many International Foundation courses for students who did not have the proper qualifications for direct entry.

Below are the list of Universities and Colleges represented by IEC. Should there be a university you are interested in but not listed, please contact IEC counsellors directly for further information by calling 088 212 939 or emailing iec@iec.com.my

*May intakes are only available in certain UK colleges. Please make an inquiry directly with IEC.


Pre-U Colleges

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