The Canadian education system is similar to the US education system in that most Bachelors degrees are 4 years duration. The Canadian system also requires Malaysian students who apply with SPM to complete an additional Foundation year (Pre University) before starting their 4 year Bachelors.
IEC currently represents only a handful of Canadian colleges and universities as below. Please contact us directly for further information.

Canadian Pre-U Online

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Get your IEC supported Pre-University Course Online

Study the internationally recognised Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) online from the comfort of your own home with IEC and obtain a completed Ontario Grade 12 within 9 months for University entry worldwide.

Engaging teaching and learning

With our Ontario Grade 12 Diploma, you will be qualified with the sufficient credits to enter into a University of your choice whether in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland or Malaysia. The OSSD is equivalent to STPM / UEC / A-levels and subjects are similar to those offered by the CIMP (Canadian International Matriculation Program).

In order to create the safest possible learning environment, and whilst social distancing restrictions are in place, your courses will be studied online from home but once a week, you will attend a tutorial with the rest of your coursemates at IEC with qualified teacher to go through your course material.

The OSSD also requires you to completed 40 hours of community service, which will be guided and advised by our expert IEC counsellors.

Who Is This Course For?

  • SPM/IGCSE graduates who would like to enter university the following year can choose to complete the OSSD in 9 or 12 months.
  • Students who would like to complete their Pre-University qualification before embarking on their tertiary studies abroad.
  • Students who wish to have an alternative to A-levels / STPM and UEC / Matriculation / Foundation

What This Course Will Entail:

  • Tailor-Made 3-Semester Study Plan (Mon-Thurs 9-5pm Timetable) 6 – 8 credit subjects per 9-month duration.
  • Once a week on Fridays 3hr Tutoring Support at IEC Kota Kinabalu with other coursemates. Virtual support is available for those outside KK.
  • Subject choices: English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Accounting, Economics, Computer Technology, Photography, Literacy
  • 1hr/week Community Service arrangements (Total 40hrs to complete)
  • One to One Counselling and Student Support to ensure successful completion and university placement.

Agile Preparation Academy Online is supported by

Century Private School, Richmond Hill, Ontario, home to 500 plus Canadian students from kindergarten to secondary.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is one of the few or secondary school diplomas that can be done purely online. Canada has been running Online courses for the past 10 years so the platforms and support are established.
The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a Grade 12 qualification or equivalent to the A-levels / UEC / Matriculation / STPM and Pre-University Foundation certificate.
OSSD is a Year 12 secondary school curriculum delivered according to the requirements of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education. Graduates earn the highly regarded Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) will be globally accepted as an entry into universities.
We have 2 optional structures of learning, as each subject requires 110hrs of learning plus 2hrs of final exam per subject. There will also be a F2F (Face-to-Face) Tutorial at IEC Centre in person if you’re in KK but if not, then virtual support will be provided + 40hrs of community service (voluntary service) which will be arrange and guided by IEC counsellors.

Intensive programme – 8 months (3 sem x 9 weeks each)

Standard programme – 10 months (4 sem x 9 weeks each)

If you have completed SPM / IGCSEs / Grade 11 or at least 2 years of senior high school then you would qualify for this programme – ie, final year of the Ontario Secondary School Grade 12.

Minimum 2 years of high school results

SPM of minimum 5 credits (English, Maths & 3 other academic subjects)

English 1119 of C & above

For 2020/21 intake, students are required to take minimum 7 subjects in order to graduate with the OSSD including ENG4U, OLC40 and a 40hrs of community service work.
Most universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore and private universities in Malaysia accept the OSSD qualification.

This course will be conducted 100% online with a face-to-face weekly tutorial provided by IEC at IEC, Sunny Garden.

For those who are in KK, there will be an optional weekly check in tutorial at IEC centre. For those outside of KK, IEC counsellors will do frequent check-ins via WhatsApp/email to monitor progress

Registration fee C$300 to OSSD Agile Academy.

Tuition fees for the 7 subjects C$10,500 to be divided into 2 payments.

Face to face tutorial fee RM1000/semester.

Additional credits: Should you be required to take additional credits, subjects are charged at C$1500/subject or credit.

25% Scholarship for 6A+s in SPM or final high school Grade 11 results (90-100%)

50% Scholarship for 8A+s I SPM or final high school Grade 11 results (90 – 100%)

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