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English for Speech

Why learn Speech & Drama?

The ability to communicate using body language, voice tone and eye contact has been proven to be essential in communication and leadership today. Whilst IEC has been incorporating the basics of speech and drama in our weekly English courses the past 35 years, we have seen the the need to focus specifically on this subject by popular demand and necessity for career progression in the future

Students are taught skills of communication by the use of body language, action, speech tone and voice control. Apart from the obvious drama auditions and those who would want to make a career in theater or film, speech and drama courses imparts necessary communication skills that would be vital in future career roles in their adult life.

The class will also enhance the students’ creativity and allow imagination to take its own course of discovery and exploration which develops the child’s natural creativity.

At IEC, we are guided by the speech and drama syllabus set out by the Australian Guild Exams. It has a structured learning level which we find useful in gaging the students’s ability but at the same time offers flexibility in terms of material used. For students who wish to obtain an international certificate, they are encouraged to register for the bi-annually held GUILD exams which can be taken at IEC premises itself.


A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course after a final assessment and speech presentation on graduation day.
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