Jazz & Theatre Dance

Let's dance! Make your debut as a dancer!

Come and join us for our Jazz & Musical Theatre

Dance classes that infuse jazz styles, classic theatre moves to great choreography and awesome familiar musical theatre music!

Learn the art of performing and storytelling through movement and dance!

The Syllabus

Jazz & Musical for Kids Beginners (4 – 12 yr olds)

Not too much of a technical ballet fan? Then why not give Jazz & Musical Theatre a try? We have classes for Ages 4-12yr olds and based on the Australian & American Jazz & Musical theatre syllabus with a dash of fun, musical theatre expression and all that jazz! Run on the hills with the children of Sound of Music or Stamp the floor with Annie and her friends singing it’s a Hard Knocks Life each week with our amazing teachers and musical enthusiasts! The classes are non-syllabused and non-examined.

Jazz & Musical for Adult Beginners

We’re not forgetting our adults as well for this one! Come and join us weekly where we will be bringing you into the theatre each week with a different choreography and dance repertoire straight out of Broadway! Let out your inner star!


Open for 4 years old & above and adult beginners. Please contact us or via WhatsApp for an updated timetable. 

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