Adult Stretch

Adult Stretch

Deep Stretch Class

Do you have tight hamstrings, locked-up hips, stiff lower back and upper shoulders?

Gravity yoga is a targeted mobility class that works to open up your body.

Each session is one hour and focuses on specific muscle groups with passive stretching of between 2-5mins holds.

We also have the 21 Day Better Back and Happy Hips Challenge (15mins/day) held ONLINE.

Connect with us for the next available intake.

No Experience Needed.

Suitable for Beginners

The Syllabus

Better Back

If you suffer from lower back pain, locked-up shoulders, and a weak core, there’s a very good chance I can help you. Join us 1hr weekly online for our Happy Backstretch series designed to give you better mobility. If you are unable to join us Monday mornings or would prefer another time slot, I’d like to invite you to join my 21-Day Happy Back Challenge designed for all levels, including beginners that happens throughout the year, next intake is 1 – 21st Nov’21, for only 15mins a day in the evenings. Click here to register for our upcoming intake.

Happy Hips

If you suffer from tight hips that affect your posture, your ability to squat, and your yoga practice, there’s a very good chance I can help you. Join us online for an hour of Hip Opening stretching to blast through years of stress, tension and tightness. We also offer a 21 Day Hip Opening Challenge in just 15mins/day and intakes are every two months. Watch this space for our upcoming intakes!

Hamstrings Freedom

If you suffer from tight hamstrings that affect your flexibility, cause you pain and leg cramps and lack of mobility, then there’s a good chance I can help you. Join us online for an hour of Hamstrings Freedom online weekly. Designed for all levels, especially beginners.

Gravity Yoga

If you suffer from tight hamstrings, stiff lower back and shoulders, locked-up hips, then there is a good chance I can help you. I suffered from a slipped disc injury a few years back and discovered gravity yoga online which has really helped ease the pain and soreness. Try it out ONLINE or in the studio and regain back your mobility and double your flexibility!

21-days happy back challenge

Parents, we have you in our thoughts as well!
If you need to relieve back pain, stabilize your core & unlock your shoulders, then join us for this 21 Day Happy Back Challenge for only 15mins/day!

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Please contact us or via WhatsApp for an updated timetable. 

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