1. Can I visit before I pay?

Yes, please make an appointment with the office to visit within office hours 9am – 5pm Mondays – Saturdays

2. Any assessment needed?

Yes, the assessment will be done by the teacher on your first day of class.

3. Where’s the location?

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4. Who’s the teacher?

Our teachers are all qualified English as a Second Language teachers and will adhere to the IEC English syllabus and teaching methodology.

5. What if I miss class?

You may replace up to 4x per semester. Replacement class is to be replaced within 2 weeks of your missed class.

6. Is there an exam?

Yes, there are 2 main exams or assessments per year, first one at the end of Semester 1 and second one at the end of Semester 2.

7. How many classes are there per semester?

Semester 1 will have 20 weeks, so 20 classes, and Semester 2 will have 25 weeks, so 25 classes.

8. What is the difference between Semester 1 and Semester 2?

Our curriculum goes by levels and students usually do one level per year. Semester 1 is the first half of the level and Semester 2 the second half of the level. There will be a mid-year assessment after Semester 1 and a year-end assessment after Semester 2.

9. Can I split semester payment?

Technically this is not encouraged. But installment plan can be discussed and agreed upon with our Accounts Manager. Please come into the office to discuss this matter.

10. I missed the start of the Semester, can I still enrol?

Yes, you may still enrol as we operate on a rolling intake but you will need to take a short assessment to determine which level and class would be appropriate for you to start with. Fees will be pro-rated accordingly, if you start on the 5th week of the Semester onwards.

11. Do I need to pay an enrolment fee every year?

No, Enrolment fee is a one-time payment for all NEW students only. If you are continuing your classes at IEC, the enrolment fee is waived.

12. I was an IEC student before but stopped for a term or more. Do I need to pay the enrolment fee again?

Yes, if you have paused your lessons for more than one term, you will need to pay your Enrolment fee again as a new student.

13. Are there any other material fee?

No, the tuition fee will cover all material including textbooks (which are used in class only) and worksheets which are photocopied. Teachers will usually keep the worksheets in files and folders in the classroom and will be returned to the parent/student at the end of each semester.

14. Can I purchase any material from IEC?

Yes, exercise books are for sale at only RM2/book should the student happen to lose or tear their given exercise book. IEC T-shirt, Pencils and stationery are also for sale. Please ask the front desk for the prices and items available.

15. What is included in the Enrolment Fee?

You will be given an Enrolment Pack which will include: IEC Student Bag, IEC Student T-shirt, IEC stationery set, IEC exercise book, IEC folder and IEC calendar.

16. Other Terms & Conditions

  1. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable
  2. Fees are to be paid within a week of semester commencement. 10% late payment fee will be charged for every week of delayed payment.
  3. All class follow the semester timetable as above.
  4. If you are absent, you are allowed to replace x4 per semester on another timeslot within 2 weeks of your missed class and must book via IEC admin office.
  5. 2 Assessment a year will be conducted, complete with progress reports and teacher comments
  6. Students may replace English for Speech & Drama classes and vice versa
  7. Worksheet folders will be kept mainly in class and passed to the stuent at the end of Semester.
  8. For students entering after the 4th class of the semester, a pro-rated fee will be charged accordingly.


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