Hi, Jasmine. I'm Fyone,Wilfred Chan's mummy from Sandakan. My son enjoyed the speech n drama camp so much. Teacher Sean very nice n caring . Thanks Teacher Sean for his guidance

~Wilfred from Sandakan came to KK to attend IEC’s Speech and Drama Holiday Camp June 2018

I like coming to IEC because I like reading books and in the library there are many books.

~Andrew Soon Qian

"Everyone loves IEC, so do i! My brother and I go to IEC every Saturday. I will never ever miss any IEC classes. I have the best teacher in the world! Her name is Lynn Southey. She teaches wonderful English. She also like my brother’s essays. I will never ever quit IEC. IEC has the best English teachers. Not only that, IEC has lots of activities, there’s Speech and Drama, ballet class and more. IEC is a wonderful place."

~Ivana Ronald
English Language Level 6

I have been going to IEC for about 5 years and I have also had 5 teachers. I am happy here because my teachers always tell us stories. I like going to IEC because I can meet new friends and new teachers.

~Albert Pang Kian Cheng

"IEC is a great place to learn English. I love coming to IEC because all the teachers are kind and besides that, I love learning English! Ihave been in IEC for more than three years and it’s been a blast since then. My English teacher has made me write A LOT of stories. And now, my imagination has gone crazy! I also used to have trouble with communicating with people. But now I have no problem at all. If you want to improve your English, IEC is the best place that I can suggest."

~Cherelle Yee
English Language Level 6

My name is Zen. I go to a tuition centre called IEC. I go there because I want to learn better English. I like to go to IEC because I love my teacher

~Zen Lim Zheng Xian