Hi Everyone, My name is Sarina Nayeb from Iran. I found IEC through an online study guide which sent my request to all educational services available online. However I chose IEC, they helped me through all the processes and I did not have to do much except sending the documents which is a really good thing because I won't know what to do.

They immediately received my offers and admissions from many top universities that I requested in both Canada and USA. Moreover they arranged interview for scholarship which covered a certain amount of my tuition fee.

I am a student in Florida International University in Miami, majoring in biology to be a future doctor. Everything was arranged by them accordingly which made everything easier for me, for example helping me through the visa process! I am really thankful and happy that I chose IEC. If you are reading this, do not hesitate to contact them, they are the best. :)

~Sarina Nayeb of Iran
Florida International University (FIU)
Intake: Aug’16

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IEC is an English Centre and Further Studies consultancy offering English language courses to students of all ages and providing application, career guidance and visa processing services for students wishing to further studies. IEC now also runs a dance studio open for rent for all types of dance.

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