"IEC is a great place to learn English. I love coming to IEC because all the teachers are kind and besides that, I love learning English! Ihave been in IEC for more than three years and it’s been a blast since then. My English teacher has made me write A LOT of stories. And now, my imagination has gone crazy! I also used to have trouble with communicating with people. But now I have no problem at all. If you want to improve your English, IEC is the best place that I can suggest."

~Cherelle Yee
English Language Level 6

"I like to go IEC because at IEC you can write a story, play games and do work sheet. IEC teachers teach me how to speak English and teach us manners. I come to IEC because this year I am going to migrate to New Zealand. The best part is the spelling, the games and the story writing. I hope I can go to IEC in New Zealand, so that I can meet more friends and learn more English."

~Godric Lee
English Language Level 6

"Everyone loves IEC, so do i! My brother and I go to IEC every Saturday. I will never ever miss any IEC classes. I have the best teacher in the world! Her name is Lynn Southey. She teaches wonderful English. She also like my brother’s essays. I will never ever quit IEC. IEC has the best English teachers. Not only that, IEC has lots of activities, there’s Speech and Drama, ballet class and more. IEC is a wonderful place."

~Ivana Ronald
English Language Level 6

"Before I joined IEC, my English was weak and broken. And now I’m proud to say my English has improved! The teacher is nice and classmates are awesome! Trust me, IEC can help you! Don’t be shy, come and join us! "

~Thien Jun Wu
Intensive English Class Term 2 2014

About IEC

IEC is an English Centre and Further Studies consultancy offering English language courses to students of all ages and providing application, career guidance and visa processing services for students wishing to further studies. IEC now also runs a dance studio open for rent for all types of dance.

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